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About Janel

Janel Ascher, HHP, INHC, CBSCanada”s Leading Integrative Health Professional

For nearly 20 years I have been studying and practicing alternative medical modalities. In 1997, when my son Scott was only a year old and very ill, I discovered a life-saving change through the use of early Bio-Feedback technology ~ after the conventional medical system advised me that Scott wouldn’t likely live to see his second birthday.

Some years later I began to study energetic medicine to become a Quantum Bio-Feedback Practitioner. Everything we consume – be it through diet, sight, sound, touch, smell or otherwise, delivers to us unique energy frequencies that directly impacts our health. In the case of my son Scott, his struggle for life turned out to be little more than a struggle with the energetic frequencies of certain foods.

Today, Scott is a healthy vibrant young man and I continue to support the health of my family, friends and clients through the use of INDIGO Quantum Bio-Feedback, Health Coaching, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, and Herbology.

My practice is focused on eliminating chronic health issues with an emphasis of improving the lives of middle age women like myself. Quantum biofeedback is a wonderful tool for identifying and balancing physiological, emotional as well as nutritional stressors and putting your body back into homeostasis where healing begins.

If you find yourself suffering with physical or emotional stress, let us work together to uncover the root cause(s), bring your health back into balance naturally and discover how to make your 40’s and 50’s the most enjoyable and rewarding phase of your life.

I saw Janel a few times for biofeedback for a variety of issues.  I always noticed a difference after our sessions and would highly recommend Janel”s holistic approach for optimal wellness!

Gloria Stewart, Calgary, AB Canada

I have suffered with leaky gut syndrome for many years. When candida took over and ill health set in, Bio Feedback was the quickest and most efficient way to help me reset my outbalanced gut health. Once treated, I could go back to my own management of my health by making better health choices. Bio Feedback was a great aid in helping me get back on track and driving my own wellness when I needed it most.

C.J., Calgary, AB

My testimonial regarding working with Janel and Biofeedback…

Doctor:  “I can’t sign this form yet, you are anemic.  It usually takes 3 months to fix…”

Me:  “How about two weeks”?

Doctor:  (sceptically)  “Well you can try…”

Two Weeks Later

Doctor:  “Well, you are NOT anemic anymore…”!

The form was signed and sent!!!

When I need help with a medical issue and I am stuck, I turn to Janel Ascher.  Between the biofeedback treatment, Janel’s depth of knowledge and wisdom, and her recommendations regarding supplements, diet and oils, I have had tremendous, and often surprising results! I would recommend working with Janel to anyone determined to make a positive impact on their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Denene Derksen, RMT, CAT, Certified Art Therapist

Do you want to learn more about how Biofeedback can improve your well-being?

Contact Janel today for a free phone consultation

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